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    "Uniquely Yours" Designed 3D Printing Pen

  • About Our 3D Printing Pen

    Advanced design and durability

    Our Designs

    YaYa3D is all about embracing our uniqueness and our inner spirit animals.

    Our Materials

    All our 3D Printing Pens are made from durable ABS materials - the same material as LEGO, so it's very safe and reliable.

    Our "Drawing in the Air" Show

    We would make some unique design or artwork of 3D drawing every month and update it into our blog, to show you how amazing the YaYa3D Printing Pen is.

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    YaYa3D 1.75mm ABS Plastic ink Filament

    YaYa3D 1.75mm ABS Plastic ink Filament

    YaYa 3D high quality plastic ink (1.75mm ABS) for drawing objects.

    It's about 50g weight, which is about 20m length.

    This filament could help you to use YaYa 3D Printing Pen draw the best performance items.

    Note: If you want to buy these plastic filaments, please buy with YaYa 3D Printing Pen, or at least buy 7 rolls of filaments.
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    YaYa3D Printing Pen

    YaYa3D Printing Pen

    The YaYa3D Printing Pen Magic Box is the newest version of YaYa 3D printing pen. It's very easy to use, as long as you know how to use the pen. It's the most stable 3D Printer we ever made, the plastic ink would turn into solid when it came out of the pen.
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  • A Sneak Peek at Our Upcoming Artworks

    The latest from YaYa3D and curated designers


    Boom, Boom, Boom

    by Zook


    Eva ?​

    By Grace


    Banana !​

    By Felix


    Two friend are on the boat called Friendship​

    by Zook

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